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Huddersfield Chiptune Remap file service for anyone who has a Master Tool or any Tool that that can read the vehicles ECU. KESS V2, MPPS, FG-TECH, CMD, DIMSPORT to name a few. All files are written by pro tuners with many years of experience. All files are dyno proven and tested and not generic. We offer his service in many options. All you have to do is let us know what type of file you require when you upload it.

  1. Power Remap File
  2. Economy Remap File
  3. Hybrid 50/50 Power/ECO Remap File
  4. DPF off Remap File
  5. EGR Delete Remap File
  6. DTC delete Remap file

All files can be a mix of the above. EG. DPF delete with EGR delete with power map.

Contact us for a price.

File tuning takes up to 1 hour, but generally is sooner and is available 7 days a week, and for late evenings.

If you need more information please contact us with your enquiry. Please use the upload form facility.

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