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What is vehicle Remapping?

The ecu or vehicles brain contains data more commonly known as maps. These ECU maps control every aspect of the vehicles performance. Huddersfield Chip Tune download the information from the ecu, where we can make changes to the specific parts of the map that will allow more torque, more bhp power, sharper throttle response, instant acceleration and reduction in turbo lag just to name a few.

Performance ECU Remap

Performance ECU Remaps

Huddersfield Chip Tune Power Remapping for all cars, vans, motor homes and trucks. Power Remap is for drivers who just want more power. Maybe the vehicle is a not living up to its potential, is sluggish, with a full load is not quite responsive, Huddersfield Chip Tune will increasing the power of your vehicle giving you a vehicle that is safer for overtaking, more pleasurable to drive and puts the smile back on your face.

Eco ECU Remap

Economy ECU Remaps

Huddersfield Chip Tune Economy Remaps can offer up to 20% improvement in MPG per tank. We base this on a set quantity of fuel. A full tank or half tank. The trip computer will give an indication, however these are not 100% accurate. Economy remaps increases torque lower down in the rev range. This will allow you to get into a higher gear quicker, and maintain the higher gear for longer without having to down change.


Welcome to Huddersfield Chip Tune ECU Remapping and DPF Removal Services, Fully mobile.

At Huddersfield Chip Tune we are passionate about remapping. Do you want to remap a Car? Van? Truck? Or even a Boat, Bike and Tractor for more power or economy? Huddersfield Chip Tune will remap any vehicle PETROL or DIESEL, TURBO, or STANDARD as long as we can download the ECU data and talk to it.

Huddersfield Chip Tune offer bespoke performance power remaps, economy remaps, dpf removal remaps, Huddersfield Chip Tune services also include EGR Removal, Speed limit Removal and Rev Limit removal.

With our custom remaps we can offer many tuning Stages for many modifications. Huddersfield Chip Tune covers Yorkshire, Lancashire and surrounding areas fully mobile with a bespoke door to door service to a location and time to suit you.

Please fill in the contact form with required services, and we will contact you straight away.

I’m so happy with the work that Huddersfield Chip Tune did, my car feels completely different the performance is instant. I do and have recommend them to a lot of my friends…

Stephen Wild - Huddersfield - Citroen DS3 Dsport
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